How All Creatives are Benefitting from Krotos Studio

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Sound Designer Carlos Bricio shares how he feels Krotos Studio provides sound effects for all creatives, from beginners to professionals.
Here is where Krotos' originality comes into play. You don’t simply browse a library of sounds… you perform them! Carlos Bricio

Are you a filmmaker needing professional-quality sounds, but don’t know where to start? Have you found yourself browsing endlessly for free sounds just to end up with something that didn’t quite fit your vision?

Finding the right sounds for a project can be difficult. It can be even more tricky if you don’t have the right tools, budget or library.

Thankfully Krotos Studio lets you create engaging sound FX all in one platform.

Carlos Bricio In His Studio
Carlos Bricio - Producer, Composer and Sound Designer

What is Krotos Studio?

Krotos Studio is an ever-growing platform. It allows everyone from professional sound designers, to film editors, or content creators to intuitively create realistic sound effects in seconds.

Krotos Studio has all the essential categories: ambiences, Foley, footsteps, whooshes, weapons and more.

Here is where Krotos' originality comes into play... you don’t simply browse a library of sounds… you perform them!

Krotos Studio User Interfaces

Performing Sound Effects

The magic behind Krotos Studio is that you perform sound. You set the preset for your scene, character or mood and then play around with the parameters until you get the sound that you are after.

The result? Sound effects tailored to your project, in seconds. But it doesn’t stop there...

Krotos Studio is interactive and ever-evolving. You can perform sounds just like a Foley artist would do, or capture ambience as if you were on location. This is all done in the box by simply clicking and dragging your mouse around. Carlos Bricio

Krotos Studio is all about staying creative while speeding up your workflow. No more auditioning sounds one after the other. Just perform the sounds while watching your footage and you are done!

Furthermore, Krotos Studio provides never-repeating variations to your sounds, making them more realistic. Every footstep, gunshot, rise or explosion will sound different.

Sound Designer Carlos Bricio Making Sound Effects

Sound Effects For Everyone

Krotos Studio for Beginners

Whether you have no idea about sound design, or you have just started in the world of SFX, Krotos Studio is a must-have tool.

The best part? You can get started for free.

The free version provides essential presets from city and forest ambiences to footsteps and Foley. Furthermore, there are fun and exciting sound effects like whooshes and lazer guns.

There is a wide range of useful presets to explore, letting you create original and royalty-free soundscapes.

Krotos Studio for Professionals

For professional sound designers and editors, Krotos Studio provides powerful features such as multi-channel output, MIDI control and automation. Additionally, an edit mode will also be launched in future updates, letting you add your own sound effects.

The Krotos Studio Sound Effects Presets

Krotos Studio is always evolving. As well as the sounds included in the free version, there are over one hundred sound effects presets available in an affordable subscription, with new sound effects added every month.

Overall, Krotos Studio is a fun and inspiring tool to add realism to your sound designs. Now anyone can get started creating awesome sound effects!

Carlos Bricio is a producer, composer and sound designer based in Madrid, Spain.