News: Krotos Studio for Game Audio: Ableton Live Demonstration

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Krotos Studio is being used by creators and sound designers worldwide to create Hollywood sound in seconds.

One such sound designer, Vinny Mesa, demonstrates his approach to Krotos Studio in this informative video, where he re-designs a gameplay clip to create audio assets for video games.

Watch the Video Below

Creating Game Audio Assets with Krotos Studio

Krotos Studio makes it easy to create assets to import into Wwise or FMOD.

Vinny selects a scenario and blends the sounds together in the performance area, then records the sounds onto the timeline.

Vinny covers the weapon selection menu, ambiences, footsteps and gunshots all with the Krotos Studio presets, to create a fully comprehensive soundscape.

Did you notice how Vinny uses multiple footstep layers to add extra details to the grassy areas of the clip? Using multiple presets together is a great way to add extra details to your sound designs.

Another creative idea Vinny demonstrates is reducing the 'Strength' parameter in the AK47 Single Shot preset to emulate the suppressor attached to the character's weapon in-game. This is a great way to add versatility and dynamics to your gunshots.

Krotos Studio in Ableton Live

Vinny records Krotos Studio directly to a track in the traditional workflow using Ableton's 'Resampling' mode. You can also use Krotos Studio's drag-and-drop functionality to place sound effects onto the timeline with ease.

Scenarios Used in This Video

  • Ambience - Countryside
  • Weapon - AK47 Single Shot
  • Interface - Modern UI
  • Footsteps - Boots Forest

Vinny's workflow is fast and effective, thanks to Krotos Studio. He shows how easy it is to create sound effects and shares some cool ideas to explore yourself. Performing and controlling sound effects couldn't be easier!