Krotos Sponsors Air Wiggles April Audio Challenge

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Krotos and Airwiggles Team Up for the April Audio Challenge: Get Creative with Sound Design!

Are you ready to flex your sound design muscles? Airwiggles is back with another highly anticipated April Audio Challenge, following last years phenomenal March Through Sound challenge. This year, the gang here at Krotos are joining in on the fun to offer fantastic prizes to dedicated participants.

What's the April Audio Challenge?

The April Audio Challenge is a month-long celebration of sound design creativity! Each day throughout April, Airwiggles will release a new video clip. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to download the clip and redesign its soundscape.  Whether you have an hour or just 15 minutes, the goal is to dive in and see what amazing sounds you can create.

Rules? What rules?

This challenge is all about freedom and experimentation.  Use your favorite libraries, record your own sounds, synthesize wild effects – the choice is yours! Focus on what inspires you, and don't be afraid to submit works in progress.

Krotos Prizes and Support

Krotos is thrilled to be a part of this awesome initiative. We're committed to supporting the sound design community, and that's why we'll be:

  • Awarding Prizes: Participants who submit 30 redesigns throughout the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win a 12-month subscription to Krotos Studio, our powerful sound design platform.
  • Sharing Designs: Keep an eye out, because we'll be sharing and highlighting inspiring sound designs created during the challenge on our website and social media.

Why Participate?

The April Audio Challenge is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Sharpen your sound design skills through daily practice
  • Explore your creativity with diverse source material
  • Connect with the sound design community
  • Potentially win some amazing Krotos prizes!

Mark Your Calendars!

The challenge kicks off on April 1st. Head over to airwiggles to get the full details and don't forget to use #AAC24 when sharing your incredible creations.

Let's get those creative juices flowing!