Krotos Studio turns one! Looking back at a year of sound design

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JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

June sees the one-year anniversary of our Krotos Studio Launch. Around this time, we were gearing up to launch our official release, featuring a huge collection of cutting edge and exciting sound effects presets that aimed to make sound design easy and accessible for all creators.

Fast forward 12 months and the reception of the software has been phenomenal. Over 55,000 subscribers, over 300 professional quality sound effect presets, Krotos Studio has been featured in countless projects. To celebrate this milestone, let’s take a look at how the Krotos Studio has grown over the last 12 months.

June 2023

In June, we launched the initial full factory library of over 100 presets. This collection covered ambiences, cinematic sound effects, footsteps, Foley, whooshes, weather, vehicles, weapons and interfaces, all in one elegantly-designed application.

July 2023

June flew by, and not long after we launched, we added another 13 versatile and useful presets, covering some essential foley, combat and ambience sounds.

We also added the library mode, letting you download new presets directly from within the software.

August 2023

In August, we introduced some flexibility to the workflow, with the ability to save your creations to custom locations. We also added 12 new presets including Elemental Sorcery, Gore and Zombie sounds:

September 2023

In September, we went all in on cinematic sounds, adding some incredible transition and impact sounds which further demonstrated Krotos Studio's performative workflow:

October 2023

In the October update we released our most exciting feature yet, the AI Foley engine. This is a powerful feature which uses machine learning to analyse and arrange audio material by frequency, timbre and intensity. This unlocked a whole new way to interact with audio that sounds incredibly organic and natural. We also introduced full DaVinci resolve support, and an enormous 37 brand new presets, many of which were designed to showcase the new AI technology.

November 2023

In November, we delivered another 19 new presets to the preset library, fleshing out some highly requested interface presets, and adding some more excellent AI foley presets:

December 2023

As winter set in, We added more machine learning technology in December in the form of our AI search engine. This powerful feature delivers search results based on sound characteristics and adjectives, as well as preset names. Search Fire for fire sound effects, or search hot, sizzle, burn, and the search engine would provide some accurate suggestions for this use case.

We also introduced our first new category since launch, Room Tones! Another highly requested feature which helps the other sound effects created to sit better in the mix of your edits.

January 2024

As the new year arrived, we kept the trajectory of new features going in with the launch of our Quick FX, which brought a distance filter and a convolution reverb to the software. This provided an exciting and flexible way to place sound in a more natural space. There is a large range of reverbs to choose from, from simple indoor spaces, through to outdoor areas and even more unusual and experimental ones.

February 2024

February brought another new category to Krotos Studio: cartoons! Alongside it came 24 new sound effect presets, from whistles, pops, farts and beyond! These ones are super fun and a lot more useful than you may initially think!

March 2024

The March update to Krotos Studio brought 15 new sound effects presets, covering all things Doors. This pack went beyond standard doors though, including jail doors, hospital doors and other less regular use cases.

April 2024

And most recently, we delivered our latest sounds in preparation for our May 4th Star Wars Sci Fi celebration! We added 11 new exciting and performative presets, covering droids, spaceships, jetpacks and so much more. We also managed to get our sound designers away from the DAW's and onto a zoom call, where they showed us how they came to make the sounds.

May 2024

May, we have launched a sound design competition, encouraging all of our users to create a sound design using all of the presets that have come before, with the chance to win some incredible prizes. This has received a fantastic reponse from the Krotos Studio user community, and people are showing us things with the software that we didn't even think of! We are also cooking up some tasty presets to launch at the end of the month. But you'll never guess what the theme is...

June 2024 and Beyond

It has been an incredible year of celebrating sound effects design here at Krotos, and we have so much more to come. We’re looking forward to bringing more sounds, more features, and much more fun to the world of sound through Krotos Studio. Thanks for being a part of our incredible journey!

The Krotos Team