Krotos Studio Pro: Unlocking Creative Potential

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JJ Lyon
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With a Krotos Studio Pro subscription, you gain access to the edit mode, enabling the creation of presets, and detailed customization of the factory presets. This guide will explore the core engine area, performance area, and assignment area. Watch the video below!

Core Engine Area

The core engine area is the hub for importing sound files, featuring four tabs, each supporting up to four core engines. this equates to 4,000 sound files able to be added to one preset. You can add engines by clicking the ‘+ Add Engine’ button and choosing between Granular, Reformer AI, or Sampler engines. Up to 16 engines can be combined within a preset.

Sounds can be added directly from your library, with options to mute, solo, or remove samples. Control the level, pan, pitch, looping, volume normalization, autoplay, release trigger, and playback modes (Random and Round Robin) for each engine.

Performance Area

The performance area mirrors the perform view, but with some additional features. The ‘note trigger’ checkbox allows sound generation via the XY pad. Labels can be renamed by right clicking them, and a variety of performing templates are available to suit different use cases.

Assignment Area

Assign parameters by dragging them onto the performance area’s drop zones, which turn green when hovered over. Multiple parameters can be mapped to a single component, and their modulation depth adjusted via sliders. Remove assignments by clicking the X next to the slider.

Saving and Loading Presets

Save your customized presets by selecting ‘save preset as’ from the burger menu, naming, and storing them in your library. Load presets via the ‘load user preset’ option.

Krotos Studio Pro empowers you to add your sounds, create new presets, and customize existing ones. Dive into our library or start building your own presets today.

Explore the full capabilities of Krotos Studio Pro and elevate your sound design to new heights. Happy creating!