Krotos Studio May 4th Update - Preset Overview

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May 2, 2024
JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

Krotos Studio May 4th Presets are here!

11 new presets to explore, inspired by our favourite galaxy far, far away. This month theres weapons, vehicles, whooshes, Foley and more. Crafted by our in house sound designers who love all things sci-fi, here's a little taste of whats been added:

Rolling Droid

Inspired by one of the sequel's favourite characters, with Rolling Droid you can control the speed and pitch of the movement, plus fine-tune the balance between the droids’ movement motor, and thos iconic droid-style chirps.

Lazer Burst

A rapid-firing weapon preset, tailor the balance between a ballistic automatic rifle and a range of awesome lazer layers. Control the pitch, and don't forget to reload at those crucial battle moments!


An awesome energy field that sounds like asteroids and starships screaming past you in space. Using our AI Foley engine, you can dial up the intensity and density by moving around on the Y axis, and control the timbre on the X axis.

Electro Sniper

An immensely powerful plasma style sniper rifle, full of character and a ground-shaking buildup. Experiment with each layer to extract new sound after new sound. Click and hold to build up power, and release to fire!


I mean, it’s a jetpack, what more could you ask for!? Click to ignite the Jetpack, move upwards to increase thrust, downwards to decrease thrust, and cut the ignition when you release. This one is just too much fun.

Dark Strike

Crispy, crackling force-style lightning sound effect. Move around in the XY pad to increase intensity and alter the character.

Gameplay Pickup

This preset combines natural cloth elements with gratifying sci-fi sounds. Great for interfaces, overlays and transitional moments.

Mechanical Giant

Where’s our giant mechanical fighters at(-AT)? This preset features ground shattering impacts, complete with steam hiss compression and a range of mechanical elements. Get stomping!

Laser Door

An electronic door, with clunks, hisses and latches at various pitches. Control the speed manually, and lock the door separately with the click of a button.

Speed Racer

A classic space race style sound effect. Control the pitch and speed on the XY pad to tailor the sound to perfection.

These sounds are an homage to Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt, who has inspired countless creators to design sound effects by combining real world sounds with processed and synthesised ones, balancing the familiar with the awe inspiring.

We hope you have as much fun with these as our sound designers did making them! Stay tuned to our blog to find out how they did so, and enjoy some incredible sound effects this month.