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Using Krotos Studio for Visual Novel Sound Effects

09/06/2023 17:00 BST

Krotos Studio is becoming an essential part of many content creators' toolkits.

One such creator is Multimedia Composer and Sound Designer Stephen Cromwell, who demonstrates his approach to Krotos Studio for visual novels below. Be sure to watch the video until the end to see how he additionally creates magic spell sound effects with Krotos Studio!

Watch the Video Below

Visual Novel Sound Effects with Krotos Studio

Krotos Studio is a fast and efficient workflow for all kinds of content creation. In the video, Stephen adds ambience to a project by dragging them into the timeline in Cubase.

By playing the audio back, Krotos Studio automatically records the output. Stephen then drags the file out of Krotos Studio and places it under his footage before trimming and fading it to match the clip's length.

Creating Magic Spell Sound Effects

Stephen also demonstrates a workflow for creating powerful magic spell sound effects in a re-design video. He combines multiple scenarios including fire, electricity and explosions to create an exciting and dynamic magic attack sound.

Scenarios Used in This Video

  • Ambience - Apartment
  • Weapon - Explosion
  • Whoosh - Electricity
  • Whoosh - Fire

Stephen demonstrates Krotos Studio's versatility, covering a range of uses from ambience to magic spell attacks. Creating Hollywood-quality sound effects has never been easier!