Celebrating a Month of Sci-Fi with Krotos Studio

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We're launching an incredible newKrotos Studio library to coincide with Star Wars day. But this year, we just didn’t feel like that’s enough…

Instead, we are celebrating Star Wars, and the genre of Sci-Fi for the Entire. Month. Of. May!

Star-trekking sound design, force-wielding freebies, and galactic giveaways are on the cards over the next 4 weeks, so come on a journey with us as we celebrate sci-fi this spring!

Here’s what's in store for you:

A Galactic Sound Library of Epic Proportions for Krotos Studio

Incredible new presets for Krotos Studio, crafted in-house by our sci-fi obsessed sound designers. These sound effects are some of the coolest and most creative presets we’ve ever added to Krotos Studio, so you don’t want to miss out on downloading them!

A Contest that Defies all Laws of Physics

We're not giving away too much here just yet, but stay tuned! We have an enticing opportunity for you to take part in something to win some incredible prizes. Launching on May 4th, Star Wars Day.

A Month of Incredible Star Wars and Sci-Fi content.  

We have tips, tricks, how-to’s, editorials and more, all about the sounds of Star Wars and sci-fi. We explore how some of the most iconic sounds in Star Wars were made and much more!

Save big on our Sci-Fi themed libraries

Details coming soon.

Ready to Embark?

Mark your calendars, get those creative engines revving, and get ready to blast off with us. More details on the competition will be zooming your way very soon.

Happy Sound Designing!