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Krotos Studio

Krotos Studio is now bigger and more powerful than ever, bringing a new plan with over 100 sound scenarios to your creative toolkit, with new sounds added monthly. It is the perfect sound solution for content creators and video editors who need quick easy, customisable sound effects.

What’s New

A deeply expanded factory library of over 100 presets, covering even more use cases whilst expanding existing ones, allowing you to unlock your full sonic potential. Check out the full list of sounds* that are now available below:
*presets in bold are new to this version


Building Site
Seaside Calm
Beach Close

London Park
Home Bathroom
Hospital Room
Airport Interior
Commercial Flight
Bus Interior
London Tube

The Death Station


Seismic Blast
Dark Entry
Trailer Rise
Future Beast
Rise and Hit
Giant Hit
Eerie Scene
Strings Riser
Synth Riser


Boots Urban
Boots Urban (Extras)
Boots Indoor
Boots Forest
Boots Winter

Heels Urban
Heels Indoor
Shoes Urban
Shoes Forest
Sneakers Urban
Sneakers Indoor
Sneakers Forest
Flip Flops


Basic Cloth
Basic Cloth 2
Hiking Cloth

Wooden Door
Rustic Door
Hotel Room Door
Security Door
Sliding Door
Cottage Door
Bedroom Door
Garden Gate
Light Switch
Keyboard 1
Keyboard 2
Metal Locker
Toolbox Rummage
Gun Handling
Car Foley
Water Movement
Paper Handling
Paper Bags
Plastic Bags


Designed Air
Underwater Movement
Enter The Temple


Wind Cold
Wind Interior
Wind Trees
Wind Urban
Wind and Rain
Rain Urban Street
Rain Urban Porch
Rain Urban Heavy
Rain Garden
Storm Interior
Storm Exterior
Snow Storm


Vehicle Interior
EV Interior

Wet Driving


9mm Pistol
AK47 Single Shot
Shotgun SPAS 12

Lazer Pistol


Modern UI

…Plus Regular updates with new sound categories and presets keep your creative toolbox fresh; allowing you to stay ahead of the curve in your projects.

Who Will Benefit From Krotos Studio?

Content Creators

Krotos Studio is tailor-made for creators that want to perfect their content… but what is Content Creation, anyway?

Well, if you are creating content, it’s safe to assume that:

  1. You have something you want to say or share with people
  2. You have creative talent, and you want to express it
  3. You want to teach, inspire or entertain a wider audience

Content is simply a way to get your message across in a clear, easy and engaging way; vlogs, videos, short films, podcasts, social media, and audiobooks all do exactly that.

Clear and engaging content requires straightforward tools to make it, with no barrier to entry. Krotos Studio is such a tool; a sound effects platform that removes the need to search or design endlessly for the right sound effects. All of the sounds are in one place, ready to be drag & dropped into your project right away. Or you can add a personal touch to the sounds using the performance window, to make the sounds your own.

How do I use Krotos Studio?

Adding sound effects to your content doesn’t get any simpler than this, and the results will always be high-quality, dynamic workflow, and faster than any library searching service.

It doesn’t matter what editing software you are using; Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Vegas, Capcut Desktop, Audacity, or Adobe Audition… whatever you use to tell your story, Krotos Studio is on hand to amplify your message with high-quality sounds.

It’s as simple as a three-step process:

  1. Pick a Scenario

Choose from an extensive range of high-quality presets tailored for popular scenarios. Plus, subscribers receive new presets every month.

2. Perform

Shape the sound intuitively and in real-time using your mouse or MIDI controller. Perform your sound to the right timing and length, achieving exactly the right emotion you need

3. Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your perfectly crafted sounds directly into your video editing software, game engine, or DAW timeline. It’s that easy!


It used to be that knowing professional software like Pro Tools inside and out was essential for creating high-quality audio for your projects – a time-consuming and expensive task. With Krotos Studio, none of that is necessary. Great sound is no longer hidden behind a costly barrier of time, money and experience.

Creators of any kind can now design sound effects. Beginners have no learning challenges or anxieties to overcome, and professionals get an infinitely more convenient and fast workflow –

Everything from detailed Foley to sonically-rich ambiences is so. much. Simpler. You can effortlessly streamline your sound editing workflow with real-time sound-to-video synchronisation.

In the age of content creation, opportunities are around every corner. Are you prepared for the task?