Krotos Studio July 2023 Sound Effect Presets Update

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July 2023 Update: 13 New Sound Effect Presets & Library View

As part of our continuous commitment to improving and expanding Krotos Studio each month, we are thrilled to announce our new monthly sound effect presets for Krotos Studio subscribers.

13 new presets are included that are versatile and useful for adding professional-grade sounds to your video projects.

What is in the Krotos Studio 1.7.0 Update?

  • New Content Package Manager
  • Reduced need for login over extended periods
  • Reaper crash issues fixed

Introducing the July 2023 Sound Effect Presets:

Check out the new sound effect presets that we've added this month! These will be available once you have downloaded the Krotos Studio 1.7 update.

The July sound effect presets add a selection of Ambiences, Foley, Weapon, Whoosh and Cinematic sounds to Krotos Studio's ever-expanding sound collection.

5 Ambience Sound Effect Presets

  • Berlin District: a metropolitan area of the city, with crowds, church bells and more
  • Berlin Junction: featuring traffic, ambulances, crowd clamour and tramways
  • Berlin S-bahn Interior: control the speed and direction of travel from the inside of a Schnellbahn train carriage - complete with crowd sounds, door beeps and other details
  • Berlin S-bahn Platform: ambiences, trains and crowd sounds from a Schnellbahn station platform
  • Festival Camp: the ambience sound effects of people at an outdoor festival, with insects, rain, crowd noise, plus the sounds of music stages in the distance

5 Foley Sound Effect Presets

  • Sofa Up and Down: simple but essential Foley sound effects for various sitting and standing sounds on fabric and leather sofas.
  • Body Pats: another incredibly useful Foley preset, featuring the various patting and hit sounds against a human body.
  • Animal Tracks: an essential set of animal footsteps across numerous surfaces.
  • Drink Sipping: featuring various drink sips and slurp sound effects from different cups
  • Straw Sipping: control the pitch and volume of the slurping of a drink through a straw.

1 Whoosh Sound Effect Preset

  • Mellow Shift: a more subtle whoosh sound effect for when you need simple, clean whooshes and transitions.

1 Cinematic Sound Effect Preset

  • Dark Storm: a spiky, whirring rise and impact cinematic sound effect.

1 Weapons Sound Effect Preset

  • Combat Society: "The first rule of Combat Society, is that..." Well, you get the picture. Lots of hits, gore, and impacts for hand-to-hand combat in this gritty preset - this is a really fun one!

V 1.7.0 Update: The Library

We have also implemented a library within the software this month.

Going forward, subscribers to both our monthly and annual plans will be able to download their monthly presets without having to leave the software. Simply click the library icon in the software to see the packages that are available, then click on the download icon. The new sounds will automatically be added to the Krotos Studio library.

Krotos Studio Content Package Manager

Note that new presets only apply to subscribers. With the sound effects within Krotos Studio growing every month, there's no better time to upgrade!

Important Notes about downloading the libraries

How to Update Krotos Studio Through the Plugin

  1. Launch Krotos Studio and log in.
  2. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to update to the new version.
  3. If you don't see the update notification, go to “Check For Updates'' from the menu within the application.
  4. Click Download and Run the Installer
Krotos Studio 1.7 Splash Screen

How to Update Krotos Studio Through the Website

  1. Log in to your account at the Krotos Studio Website and head to your Downloads section.
  2. Select the macOS or Windows download from your downloads.
  3. Download the update and run the installer.
  4. Download the factory content package and run the installer.
  5. Download the June content and run the installer.
  6. Launch Krotos Studio 1.7.0 click the library button and install your July content directly from the application.

We Value Your Feedback:

Your feedback is crucial to our continuous development of Krotos Studio. We'd love your thoughts about this new batch of sound effect presets and what you'd like to see in our upcoming releases.

We are on a mission to make Krotos Studio an ever-evolving platform that caters to your creative needs. So, create high-quality sounds with these new presets, let your creativity run wild, and don't forget to share your experiences with us.

Thank you for being a part of the Krotos Studio community.