Creating Video Game Trailer SFX With The Cinematic Category

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Sound Designer Pierre Griscelli used Krotos Studio to recreate the cinematic video game trailer sound effects for The Last Of Us: Part 1. Watch the video below!

Every sound used for the trailer comes from Krotos Studio's library of over 140 presets.

Krotos Studio's Cinematic Category

The trailer is full of cinematic sound effects, impacts, transitions, whooshes and more.

Fortunately, Krotos Studio has an entire category dedicated to cinematic sound effects, allowing Pierre to recreate the sound effects for this trailer entirely from within the software.

Hear demonstrations of all the presets in this category here.

[Krotos Studio] is a powerful and customisable tool allowing to create and perform sound effects as well as ambiences in real time. The catalogue of presets is well-stocked so far and regularly fed with new sounds. Pierre Griscelli

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