Creating Combat Sound Effects with Krotos Studio

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Sound Designer Molly Isaac used Krotos Studio to recreate the combat sound effects for the iconic church massacre scene in Kingsmen: The Secret Service.

Watch the video, get inspired and then try Krotos Studio for yourself for combat sound effects!

The scene is full of action, combat and gunfire, requiring a wide range of sounds. This includes Foley, footsteps, weapons and whoosh sound effects. Thankfully, Krotos Studio has all bases covered, thanks to its collection of over 140 sound effect presets, a number which grows bigger every month for subscribers.

Molly pauses throughout the video to show which sound effects are used, before letting us hear the result in action. Creating combat sound effects with Krotos Studio is as simple as dragging and dropping sound effects from the application, directly into your video editor.

Using one of my favourite action-packed scenes, here is a redesign of the sound using presets available in Krotos Studio. You can generate high-quality sounds incredibly quickly.

Every time you click and create a sound it is instantly available to drag into your project - So in a very short space of time I was able to create a really effective result!
Molly Isaac

Featured Sound Effects Presets

  • Foley: Gruesome Gore
  • Foley: Basic Cloth
  • Foley: Plastic Bags
  • Foley: Sofa Up and Down
  • Foley: Wooden Door
  • Weapon: Combat Society
  • Weapon: Pistol 9mm
  • Whoosh: Swish
  • Footsteps: Boots Indoor

…and many more!

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