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Ben Jacquier is back! This time, he is using Krotos Studio to create sound effects for a scene from Peaky Blinders. The clip features doors, footsteps, ambience, gunshots, ambience and much more. Ben redesigns the sound effects for the scene using Krotos Studio exclusively.

What I love about Krotos Studio is that you can really make it your own….you can do so much with it, it's crazy. You don't have to spend hours trying to find stuff in libraries Ben Jacquier

Sound Effects Presets Featured in This Video

  • Foley - Basic Cloth
  • Footsteps - Boots Urban
  • Weapon - Shotgun SPAS 12 & 9mm Pistol
  • Ambience - The Death Station
  • Weather - Wind Interior
  • Cinematic - Dark Entry

And many more!

Krotos Studio is a go-to [when you need] to be quick. It sounds amazing! Ben Jacquier

Video Highlights

Recording Sound Effects Using Krotos Studio

Ben combines traditional recording with the drag-and-drop workflow afforded by Krotos Studio.

Synchronising Sound Effects to Footage With Krotos Studio

Ben synchronises the footsteps by playing the footage and clicking in time with the footsteps. Ben's verdict after his first take? "...not bad at all!"

Searching for Sound Effects in Krotos Studio

Ben also uses the search bar in Krotos Studio to find sounds quickly and easily.

Creating Crowd Footstep Sound Effects with Krotos Studio

Multiple footstep recordings are no problem for Krotos Studio. Ben performs 5-6 passes of footsteps then layers them together, changing timings and volumes to create realistic crowd footstep sound effects.

Adding Subtle Details

Ben adds details to the scene such as gun-handling sound effects, clothing rustles and whooshes of the arm before the gunshot, all from Krotos Studios library of over 140 presets.

Creating Gunfire Sound Effects

It wouldn't be a Ben Jacquier re-design without a bit of action! He used the Shotgun SPAS 12 Preset for the blast of the revolver, getting it perfectly in time on his first Attempt!

Getting Creative with Presets

Experimenting with Krotos Studio's presets is one of the most fun aspects of using the software. Ben used sci-fi presets such as The Death Station to add tension and build excitement for the showdown between the two gangs.


There's no doubt that Ben Jacquier is a creative force in the world of sound design, and he continues to rely on Krotos to deliver effective and high quality results with Speed and Efficiency. From basic footsteps, to ambiences, gunfire and cinematic sounds, Krotos Studio will transform your workflow for adding sound effects to your video projects.

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