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August 2023 Update: 12 New Sound Effect Presets & Choose Recording Location

August 2023 brings the 1.7.1 update to Krotos Studio, which lets you choose where to save the sound effects you create. Plus, there are 12 new sound effect presets to explore and use in your projects, with many of them based on the horror and fantasy genres. Learn more about this update below!

Introducing the August 2023 Sound Effect Presets:

Check out the new sound effect presets that we’ve added this month! These will be available once you have downloaded the Krotos Studio 1.7.1 update:

The August sound effect presets add a selection of gory ambiences, visceral Foley, and epic cinematic sounds to Krotos Studio's ever-expanding sound collection.

6 Ambience Sound Effect Presets

More versatile & infinitely-generating ambience sound effects have been added to the ambiences category this month:

  • Roomtone Electric: An essential collection of electrical room tones. It features buzzing neon signs, humming refrigerators, the whirring fans of network servers, generators, buzzing generators, tonal fans and more. Combine these layers to perfection for your scenes.
  • Desert: A dynamic and immersive ambience preset, the new Desert ambience sound effects preset covers light and medium sandstorms, plus grassland rustling, tents and campfires, complete with wind whistle. This one covers everything from epic establishing shots to realistic situational soundscapes.
  • Morbid Sewers: A frightening, sombre ambience preset, Morbid Sewers combines echoey water drips, sewer rumble, rustling chains, metal, teeth-gritting screeches and guttural sewer beasts. Combine these sounds with sub-bass, metallic drones and anxiety-inducing stress tones for a truly terrifying soundscape.
  • Zombie Dystopia: More dread-fuelled horror sound effects come with the Zombie Dystopia preset. Bring the terror of zombie hordes to your projects; combine squelchy gore noises, macabre crow calls and rumbling rains, then raise the tension with the mood and sub-bass layers to bring your story to its terrifying peak.
  • Ethereal Abyss: A complex, droning, dark tonal ambience. Bring low, noisy drones, high tonal pulses, crisp, whistling air sounds or spine-chilling swells to your videos.
  • Airport Exterior: The airport exterior preset complements our airport interior and commercial flight presets for flight-based projects. Featuring the sounds from a tarmac runway, an accelerating jet engine, the hum of a jet propeller, planes building up, flying over and taking off, electrical whines, cluttery mechanical propellers, plus maintenance, activity and vehicle layers. Use combinations of these sounds or single layers for a truly dynamic soundscape.

3 Foley Sound Effect Presets

  • Guts and Flesh: Perform visceral flesh and guts gore sound effects. Wet, sticky, grizzly gore sounds that you can perform to match your footage. Ripping, tearing, chomping or peeling, this preset works effortlessly with our other gory presets.
  • Gruesome Gore: Even more gross-out gore sound effects have been added, featuring bone snaps, brain crushes, skin slicing and tearing. Yuck!
  • Blood Splatter: There's no gore without blood, and the Blood Splatter sound effects preset has it covered. Choose a material surface, then click to trigger the splatter. Surfaces include glass, fabric, plastic or hard floor surfaces.

3 Cinematic Sound Effect Presets

  • Atomic Braaam: Hans who? With the Atomic Braaam, preset you are a click away from the most intricately textured, dramatic, powerful impact sound effects for your video projects, sound designs or trailers. Click for a new Braaam every time, and as always, combine the quadrants for different sonic flavours.
  • Elemental Sorcery: Calling all spellcasters! You now have a true sonic spellbook in Krotos Studio, thanks to the the elemental sorcery preset. This preset brings four spell types in the form of ice, fire, water and electricity. Focus on one element by clicking in a single quadrant, or combine these elements by clicking in one quadrant, then dragging the dot to another, for hybrid spells. Simply adjust the tail, pitch and impact parameters, to control distance, power and spell size.
  • Morbid Hit: A creepy impact sound effects preset that compliments the Morbid Sewers ambience excellently. Trigger metal, screeching or animalistic impacts, and sweeten them with stress, sub bass and moody secondary layers.

Note that new presets only apply to subscribers. With the sound effects within Krotos Studio growing every month, there's no better time to upgrade!

What is in the Krotos Studio 1.7.1 Update?

You can now choose where to save your recordings

This is a great improvement for video editing workflows, as it means you can create a sound effects folder inside your video project and all of your Krotos Studio sound effects creations will be saved there automatically. Now you can be confident that all of your video and audio footage is stored safely in one place.

Sound designers too can benefit from this, by creating folders within their sample libraries to store all of their Krotos Studio sound designs, ensuring that all of your Krotos Studio creations stay together and organised. This also includes external hard drives!

How to choose your recordings folder:

  1. Open the burger menu:

2. Click 'Manage File Paths':

3. Click 'Manage Drag and Drop Path':

This opens a window that shows you where your sound effects are currently saved, alongside a 'Set New Location' button:

4. Click 'Set New Location' and navigate to where you wish your KS recordings to be stored.

5. Once selected, Krotos Studio will show you the confirmed path:

Now all of the sounds you create with Krotos Studio will be saved in this folder! You can set this to an external hard drive, or a Premiere Pro/Davinci resolve project for example, or anywhere else you decide.

How to Access the August Content

Follow these instructions to access the latest content!

  1. Launch Krotos Studio and click the library icon in the software:

2. Click on the download icon and wait for it to complete:

3. Once the download is completed, the new sounds will automatically be added to the Krotos Studio library.

How to Update Krotos Studio Through the Plugin

  1. Launch Krotos Studio
  2. When prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to update to the new version.
  3. If you don't see the update notification, go to “Check For Updates'' from the menu within the application.
  4. Click Download and Run the Installer

How to Update Krotos Studio Through the Website

  1. Log in to your account at the Krotos Studio Website and head to your Downloads section.
  2. Select the macOS or Windows download from your downloads.
  3. Download the update and run the installer.
  4. Launch Krotos Studio 1.7.1 then click the library button and install your August content directly from within the application.

Additional Improvements with the 1.7.1 Update

Improved side menu behaviour

A bug which sometimes caused the side menu to freeze after a search has been fixed.

Improved tooltips

Some tooltips were not available when hovering over certain parameters. This has been addressed.

We Value Your Feedback:

Your feedback is crucial to our continuous development of Krotos Studio. We'd love your thoughts about this new batch of sound effect presets and what you'd like to see in our upcoming releases.

We are on a mission to make Krotos Studio an ever-evolving platform that caters to your creative needs. So, create high-quality sounds with these new presets, let your creativity run wild, and don't forget to share your experiences with us.

Thank you for being a part of the Krotos Studio community.