Exploring Krotos Studio’s Cartoon Sound Effects

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We added a cartoon sound effects category to Krotos Studio this February, full of all kinds of boing, whistle and crash SFX. We couldn't resist trying them out on a quirky animation by Clim Studio. We talk through what went into this sound design below!

Tube Squeaks & Fart Sound Effects!

We have a purple ball being squeezed through a glass pipe, before popping out of the top. The new Balloon Squeak sound effect preset was a great choice for this, and of course we had to use the new Fart Attack preset for the pop!

For both of these presets, you get a new sound with each click, so it was super easy to add dynamic sounds that don’t repeat.

Finally, for comic effect and a little differentiation, we added a toot from the new Party Blower preset for the last loop of the animation. Our squeaky tube is complete!

Whoosh Sound Effects For the Donut

Next we tackled the donut pendulum, using the Fire Force whoosh preset for size and momentum of the donut. All good donuts need a some sprinkles though! so we added the new Flashback Twinkle preset to add some sweet shimmer to the sound.

Sound Design Tip: The motion of a pendulum is slowest at its highest point, and fastest as it is swinging. Match your sounds to the pendulum's motion—louder for fast swings, softer for slow ones. Krotos Studio's whooshes, can move between  left and right speakers which adds even more immersion.

Friction Sound Effects For The Balls

We blended realistic and cartoon sounds for the marble's motion. The Mouse Click preset was used for the marble's contact with the ramp and the Cabinet Drawer  preset added the rolling sound.

Finally, we got to have some fun with our new cartoon presets, layering them on top of our realistic layers. We used both the Acme Whistle and Sliding Whistle presets to add some comedic mickey-mousing to this motion, Tex Avery style.

Sound Design Tip: Rolling sounds change with speed—faster equals higher pitch.
Sound Design Tip: Pan and fade your sounds to follow the marble's movement, creating a more realistic audio experience.

Multi Layered Sound Effects are a breeze with Krotos Studio

By embracing Krotos Studio's cartoon presets, we added a playful and dynamic layer to our animation, proving that sound design can be as fun as it is creative. By auditioning sounds on the fly and adding them to the time line, we could add a range of characterful and interesting sounds to an already quirky animation. Just think what you could do for your projects! Check out the finished design below: