Airwiggles April Audio Challenge - Week Three

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April 22, 2024
JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

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Week three was another incredible selection of  sound design clips, in the Airwiggles April Audio Challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the clips from week 3, and remember, its still not too late to take part in the challenge to win a 12 month subscription to Krotos Studio!

Day 15 - Baphomet

Baphomet throws players into a demon battling romp. Brave a diabolical environment of dungeons, villages, cemeteries, catacombs and deeper. Much deeper 🔥

Check out this cool submission from Lab Grown Audio

Day 16 - Hacker Raccoon

Be honest, why would you not want to design sounds for this clip? I mean, look at it, it’s adorable. This is from puzzler Hacker Raccoon by developer Alejandro Paniagua

Check out this submission from Little Records

Day 17 - Inkshade

An awesome turn-based game with a stunning design, Inkshade offers a whole range of materials and moments to design sounds for.

This submission is from Diego Hodge

Day 18 - Chronomancer

Chronomancer is a Puzzle game with a range of colourful environments, where time is of the essence!

Check out this clip and submission from Heli Linnus

Day 19 - the Universal

Monkeyman Studios provided this lovely clip from their title The Universal for Day 19

This submission is from Başak Aydan

Day 20 - Among Ashes

A horror title in which you need to keep going. This spine chilling title got the adrenaline flowing for Day 20.

This one comes from Donatas Jarutis

Day 21 - Trench Tales

And to round of week three we have Trench Tales, a war themed shooter offering grittiness and gunfire to design to.

Submission from Armen Melikian

End of Week 3!

That’s a wrap for the week 3 roundup of the April Audio Challenge. Go check out week 1  and week 2 if you missed it, and stay tuned for week four! Remember, you can submit any entry, at any time until April 30.

For more information on the April Audio Challenge, check out our article, then head over to the Airwiggles to get started!