Airwiggles April Audio Challenge: Week Two

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April 16, 2024
JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

Missed our roundup of week one? Catch up here!

Week two provided even more exciting opportunities for sound design in the Airwiggles April Audio Challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the clips to design to, and remember, its still not too late to take part in the challenge to win a 12 month subscription to Krotos Studio!

Day 08 - Necrowave

Day 08 of the challenge brings us this clip from Necrowave, a 2D zombie side scroller developed by Arfhis The Wizard. The clip sees a charismatic animation of our feral protagonist running through the level, before yanking his own head off. Yup!

Check out this cool submission from t0t0kul

Day 09 - A Fly

Mamoun Brahma (Madmoon) sent in this awesome little animation for day 09.

This is from a series of short animations inspired by visual challenge 36daysoftype in which Mamoun animated the number 9. See more of Madmoon’s work on his Instagram.

Check out the splatteringly good submission below from GHT.

Day 10 - Dungeon Slime Hero

A clip from Lost In Time Games’ Roguelite title Dungeon Slime Hero shows some point and click dungeon action, ready to be sound designed to. This one looks beautiful!

This submission is from Grzegorz Trojan

Day 11 - Plunder: Scourge Of The Sea

This ones a little fun! This clip from Plunder Shows some of the trickier parts of game development. I don’t think wrangling a shark is easy in real life either!

Check out this clip and submission from Levi Carpman.

Day 12 - Battle Shapers

Battle Shapers, developed by Metric Empire, is sci-fi FPS title in which you shoot and smash your way through swarms of corrupt robots. Ahh, colourful and smashy… two of our favourite things.

This submission is from Jonathan Atkinson.

Day 13 - UI

A tactile little animation from Briac.aep, AAC challengers get to sink their auditory teeth into some user interface sound design in this futuristic clip.

This one comes from Moreau Alexis.

Day 14 - Hop ‘n’ Marty

Developed by EvilKookey, week two ended with a delightful platformer, with the optional challenge to use synthesised sounds only!

Submission from Dillon Terry.

End of Week 2!

That’s a wrap for the week 2 roundup of the April Audio Challenge. Go check out week 1 if you missed it, or stay tuned for week three! Remember, you can submit any entry, at any time until April 30.

For more information on the April Audio Challenge, check out our article, then head over to the Airwiggles to get started!