Airwiggles April Audio Challenge: Week One

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April 7, 2024
JJ Lyon
Krotos Studio

One week of daily challenges is done, and with Three more weeks remaining, there is still so much time to submit your entries for a chance to win 12 months of Krotos Studio!

Here's a rundown of some of the entries from Week 1. From swords, to shapes, to gravity gloves, there were some real challenges this week, but the Airwiggles community stepped up to the challenge!

Day 1: FADE

The first clip is from a narrative-driven Third-Person Action RPG called FADE by Knight by Night. Travel to the land of Baltane and stop a twisted cult from finishing an ancient and twisted ritual!

We see a hooded figure about to have a showdown with one of the boniest, twiggiest, roariest adversaries we've seen on this side of Indie Game development. Shouts to Jakub Niewęgłowski for this daunting, crunchy sound design!

Day 2: Cyber Rush

The second day brought a clip from roguelike racing game, CyberRush developed by Dream Engine.

The cyberpunk aesthetics and handcrafted levels present some colourful and unique opportunities for sound design. Check out this tactile submission by ListteAmagoAudio!

Day 3: Helen

We loved this little robot so much that we just had to take part and use Krotos Studio in our own design which we have done a breakdown video for here.

Below you can see a fantastic entry for the panicky but joyful bot, from Candice Susnjar!

Day 4: Gravia

Day four brings a clip from the physics-first grabby-glove-gravity-game... Gravia!!

This awesome, glitchy, pulsing entry is from the talented Helili

Day 5: Motion Design

On to day 5 and we have a cute 'n' shapey motion design clip from freelance animator, Evan Cooksey.

Check out this whimsical entry by Reverb Tale!


Sunday brought ARTIFICIAL, a puzzly physics endeavour by game developer Ondrej Angelovič.

Check out the sound design entry from Maxim Karakov:


Bladesong, developed by SUN AND SERPENT, is a unique swordmaking game in development, offering extensive customization and a captivating story unfolding in the city of Eren Keep.

Interesting ideas breed interesting ideas, which is clear in this remarkably novel interpretation by Yuna:

End of Week 1!

That wraps up the awesome sound design opportunities for week one of the April Audio Challenge! Week two is already under way, and remember, you can submit any entry, at any time! For more information on the April Audio Challenge, check out our article, then head over to the Airwiggles website to get started!